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Foot reflexology is a very ancient art rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century which is practiced on the feet.

Massaging the areas under the foot stimulates and relaxes the organs involved, and so helps the body to regain its balance.

Ease pain of various origins … and also as a rebalancing session for well-being.


Reiki, Universal Life Energy, is a natural healing technique that uses the imposition of hands and stimulates the dynamism and vitality of the body. Reiki brings beneficial effects for the person being treated, whatever the problem: physical pains or emotional blockages

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage brings a certain well-being to the body and to the mind. It allows to let go and to relax in order to evacuate the stress accumulated in daily life.

This technique allows to “untie knots” but also muscular and articular tensions while eliminating toxins from the body. As soon as the patient releases the tensions, the body slowly begins to relax and the muscles and joints regain their flexibility by loosening up. This massage affects both the physical and the emotional aspects and is accisible to everyone.

Energetic massage

The energetic massage is performed on a massage table using lemniscate movements (curves with constant vibrations). They act on all the liquids of the body procuring harmonisation and relaxation.

Thai reflexology massage

Massage of the feet, legs and knees to promote blood and lymphatic circulation. Reflex points under the soles of the feet stimulated with a rosewood stick.

Access Consciousness-Bars

Access Bars- a light touch of 32 points located on the head. Transform your life with everything you would like to see. Dare to change whatever you want to change. What else is possible?

Amma sitting massage

The sitting massage is given while clothed, on an ergonomic chair. During the session, the practitioner uses acupressure on the energy meridians on the back, neck, arms, hands and head. The massage stimulates the nervous and circulatory system, it leads in particular to unblock the energies in the back.

Face massage

Face, arms and neckline massage with oil and therapeutic stones.

Hot Stone Massage

Full body massage with hot volcanic stones. Stimulates blood circulation, removes toxins and releases tensions.